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ravenela ([personal profile] ravenela) wrote2015-01-20 07:08 pm
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Teens and Theater

I can't tell you when I've had so much fun.

My library has a teen volunteer program, and one of those branches involves reader's theater. Since the teen librarian has a lot on her plate, guess who gets to do the reader's theater program?

We've had two meetings so far, and it's been amazing.

Improv games seemed to be everyone's favorite, but I'm not surprised. Anything that let's teenagers move around is always at the top of the list. But it is a reader's theater so we moved into doing that at today's meeting.

While some of the teens seemed more enthusiastic with the improv, they became very subdued when confronted with an actual script.

Next week, I'm letting them choose the script and take more of a leadership role. That way when we bring the elementary kids in, the teens will be ready to lead.

But, I'm definitely adding in more improv games for next week.