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Lots of changes and new adventures in the air!

* The Bearded One and I will be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness tomorrow. Don't tell me anything. Not one spoiler.

* I start my new job on Sunday. Still a library assistant, but this time I'll be permanent and working at a regional branch. Next stop...librarian. I can feel it.

* Been reading YA lately. Finished Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger and am now plowing through The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar. One is about sylphs and the other is about a genie. I'm in my happy place right now.

* The Vampire Diaries and Beauty and the Beast last night. They can be summed up best as....you can't leave me hanging like that! Do you know how long summer is? Gah!

* Saw Iron Man 3 last weekend. Dude! Duuuuuuuuude! Incredible! Absolutely incredible!

So, what season finales and movies have made you squee? What adventures are you having this weekend?

Date: 2013-05-17 11:06 pm (UTC)
timetobegin: (comics | cap marvel)
From: [personal profile] timetobegin
star trekkkkkkkk

yay iron man 3 too

i can't even remember any other movies i've seen lately

Date: 2013-05-17 11:14 pm (UTC)
adafrog: (Default)
From: [personal profile] adafrog
Yay for the new job!
I loved Iron Man, too. Thought it was great.
Jealous about seeing Star Trek. I have work, so won't be able to see it until next week. :(


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