Jul. 24th, 2013

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Witches and fairies are two of my favorite things when it comes to stories. I don't know what it is, but there's something about magic that I love.

Putting on my librarian hat, I bring you another squeeworthy book. This one's not part of a series, and it's a book for sci-fi/fantasy geeks.

Among Others by Jo Walton

In 1979, Mori Phelps ran away from her mother after stopping her from destroying the world. She wound up at a boarding school where she surrounds herself with classic sci-fi/fantasy and tries to put the past behind her. But the magic keeps creeping in.

Why is it Squeeworthy?
Books and the library play major roles in this story, and shows how they can save your life. The magic is very subtle, but is integral to the world. And then there's Wim, who I might be a little in love with.
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2. 20 facts about you

1) I'm a redhead
2) I was named after the Pure Prairie League song "Aimee".
3) My first fannish love was The Wizard of Oz when I was seven.
4) Cats are my favorite animals.
5) I'm a breast cancer survivor.
6) I wrote my first story at age six.
7) Highlander was my first online fandom.
8) I found fandom in 1996.
9) I've been married for almost seven years.
10) Charleston and Raleigh are the biggest cities I've lived in.
11) I have two adorable nieces and one adorable nephew.
12) Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero, with Superman as a close second.
13) My first sci-fi con was Dragon-Con in 2003.
14) I giggled entirely too much when I met Paul McGillion (Dr. Beckett on Stargate: Atlantis).
15) Meeting Anne McCaffrey was the coolest moment in my life.
16) Ewan McGregor helped me meet my husband.
17) Fantasy, romance, and historical fiction are my favorite genres.
18) Henry Cavill is my current celebrity crush.
19) Michael J. Fox was my first celebrity crush.
20) I'm a little shy when you first meet me, but if given a chance, I open up.

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