Jan. 1st, 2014

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It's the first of January, a new year, and time to kick off the January Topic Meme. Yay!!!

We're starting things with [personal profile] katikat's topic suggestion: Name 3 of your favorite OTPs and why you love them.

Narrowing down to three is going to be hard, but here we go.

The First Ship: Chloe/Clark, Smallville

When I started online fandom with Highlander, I never heard the word "shipping." I didn't learn it until I fell into the Smallville fandom. Chloe/Clark was the first pairing I ever fell in love with and wanted to write about all the time.

In the early days of SV, Chloe was the best. She had her own character arch, her own way of getting into trouble, and her own snark. I loved her, and naturally, I wanted Clark to love her, too. Of course, the creators of the show had other plans. Nevertheless, I couldn't get enough of Chloe/Clark fic. The angst, the fluff, the hurt-comfort, the PWPs, all of it, as long as it had a happy ending. Chloe was the perfect girl to bring out the personality in Clark. I still ship it to this day (I don't care what the creators did with them.)

The Ship With the Most Canon Satisfaction: Piper/Leo, Charmed

From the moment Piper and Leo started giving each other longing looks from across the room, I was sold. Piper was the geekiest one of the three Halliwell sisters, the long-suffering middle sister, and the one who wanted to be normal. Leo was the handyman who turned out to be much, much more.

These two went through everything - forbidden love, marriage problems, Leo going dark, and nearly breaking up. In the end, they made it through everything and got their happy ending. Yes!

The Newest Ship: Jennifer/Duke, Haven

Even though it's been around since 2010, I didn't fall in love with Haven until [personal profile] seimaisin sat me down and made me watch it. I loved Duke, but I didn't love his pining after Audrey.

And then, this past season, TPTB gave Duke a woman of his own - Jennifer. And she wasn't there for looks; she had a character arc of her own, a storyline that served the main plot. She complemented Duke and let him keep his bad boy with a heart of gold status. I really hope she gets to stay and they get their happy ending.

So, there you have it, three of my favorite ships. May they all have their happy endings.

And if you have a topic, slots are still open.


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