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Well, will you look at that? It's been a week since my last post. Er, sorry. I have to start doing this on a schedule. In my defense, I made progress on my current draft. I will finish it this month, darn it.

In the meantime, let's talk about TV shows, specifically Game of Thrones and Enterprise.

You see, Hubby and I are going through some shows we've missed. For the past year, we watched all the Star Treks. Currently, we're on Enterprise. We're not going through it as fast, though.

I wasn't sure if I would warm up to this group, but I've started to really like T'Pol, Hoshi, Flox, Tripp, and Reid. And of course Porthos. Who doesn't love Porthos? I'm also shipping Hoshi/Reid something fierce. Was that ever a thing in the fandom?

It seems like they've dropped the whole Sulaban storyline in favor of the Xindi. It's compelling, but I miss the individual "seeking new life" storylines. I've always been more of a "monster of the week" girl anyway.

And then there's the theme song. No, rocking it up does not make it better. *Sigh*

A few weeks ago, Hubby started reading A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. He's in the middle of book three right now. (I'm jealous of how fast he reads.) So, naturally, we rented seasons one and two of the show.

*Well, hello, Jason Mamoa. This is going to be a great se - well, crap. They killed him off. My eye candy is gone. Someone, bring me new eye candy!

*Jon Snow knows nothing. *Giggles* Seriously, though, I kind of like Jon, and I really like the redhead wilding he's found.

*What is with all the animal death? Argh!

*Dany was a little whiney when her story started, but she's grown quite a bit. I think she has excellent potential.

*Lady Stark, Arya, and Brianne are da bomb diggidy! Love all of them.

*Please tell me Sansa is actually planning Joffrey's death and we don't know it yet? It's okay...you can spoil me on this. I don't think I've ever actively hated a character as much as I do Joffrey. What a psycho!

*Lena Headey, I love you, but I do not love your creepy incestuous character.

*Tyrion is also da bomb diggidy!

In other words, I'm really enjoying GOT.

Come, let's discuss in the comments!
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