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The Highlander Project: Scene Chewing and Good Ol' Boys

Hello! Welcome to my Highlander rewatch project. We're starting at season one, episodes one and two today. Aren't you excited? I wanted to include pictures, but some of the images aren't very good. If you know where I can find some good pictures, I might be able to add them.

Also, my format is inspired by Forever Young Adult and the way they do their rewatches. I hope that's okay.

All right, let's do this!

S1E1: The Gathering

The One Where:

Connor McLeod shows up along with a bad Immortal named Slan. Slan is hunting our new Highlander Duncan, and Connor is hunting Slan. Scene chewing and sword fighting ensue. Duncan's girlfriend Tessa (my personal hero) gets mad. And it's all witnessed by the worst but prettiest thief in the world, Richie Ryan (sigh!).

You Might Be An Immortal If:

You feel the presence of another Immortal.

Someone wants to take your head and get all your power.

You can't fight on holy ground.

Hey, Don't I Know You From Somewhere?

Christopher Lambert: The original Highlander in the movie. He's also been in a ton of other sci-fi things and was a pretty good Tarzan back in the '80s.

Richard Moll: Bull from Night Court. Please tell me you remember Night Court. It was a staple of my childhood.

This episode wastes no time getting us up to speed on the premise. Connor is both torch passer and exposition here so we're all on the same page. Except no one knows why Immortals have to behead each other and "There Can Be Only One." They just do. Something about ultimate power or some such.

Why does Tessa's hair always look flawless? Hell, she's flawless. I want to be her when I grow up.

Oh, Richie's terrible yet awesome neon green jacket. The height of '90s bad boy fashion. Very inconspicuous when you're trying to rob an antique store. A-maz-ing.

S1E2: Innocent Man

(On my DVDs, it says "Family Tree" is the second episode, but Hulu said this one was. Since we're watching on Hulu, we're going to go with it.)

The One Where:
Duncan's friend Lucas (a Southern gentleman) is beheaded, and a homeless man is framed for it. Small towns are creepy, and reporters are nosy.

You Might Be An Immortal If:
You feel your Immortal friend die, and it brings you to your knees.

Hey, Don't I Know You From Somewhere?
Vincent Shiavelli: He was the really pissed ghost on the subway in Ghost. I know he's also been in a bunch of other stuff.

Ah, nothing like the obligatory creepy small town, amirite? I grew up in a small town so I get a little twitchy about the stereotype. Oh, and the southern accents in this one. And poor Richie not wanting to be there. (Dear Richie, all you need is a small-town southern girl. I volunteer as tribute.)

Speaking of Richie, I think this is the first appearance of the sleeveless jean jacket. Whoo to the hoo!

How did Richie get his job at Mac's antiques store? Why did they leave that scene out? One episode he's spying on Mac, and the next, he's working for him. Weird.

Oh, and this is Randi's first episode. And because of her addition, HL passes the Bechdel test for the first time. So proud. I wish they had actually developed Randi. She could've been interesting. Instead, she comes across as a caricature of a take-no-prisoners reporter. So sad.

Thoughts? Feelings? Memories? Share them with me!