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Back again with more Highlander rewatch fun. Anyone joining in? Drop a comment below!

Previously on Highlander

S1E3: The Road Not Taken

The One Where:

Richie's friend dies while breaking into a building, and Richie and Duncan investigate the death. It all reminds Duncan of a friend he knew in Japan. A friend who is now hanging out in Seacouver.

You Might Be An Immortal If:

You have to prepare for The Gathering, when all the Immortals left alive have to battle it out in an epic duel.

Hey, Don't I Know You From Somewhere?

Dustin Nguyen: He was on 21 Jump Street.

Duncan and Richie, on another case. I love it when these two work together, but I wish Tessa had been with them. She was gone practically the whole episode.

But...but...we get to meet Angie, the only canon ship I have ever had for Richie in my head. Angie was awesome and tough, and I wish she had stuck around more. I love how she handled the bikers when Richie couldn't. So, so cool.

S1E4: Bad Day in Building A

The One Where:
Duncan does his best Bruce Willis. He systematically takes out mortal bad guys in a courthouse while protecting a little girl.

You Might Be An Immortal If:
You're shot in the back and return to life.

Hey, Don't I Know You From Somewhere?
Andrew Divoff: He's been a bad guy in EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I remember him from the movie Toy Soldiers, which I adore and nothing beats Wil Wheaton trying to act like a tough mob son.

I also recognize the janitor, but Wikipedia is failing me on names right now. Anyone know?

The best thing about this episode is while Duncan is running around and kicking ass, Tessa is facing down Slade. Woman shows no fear. She insults him, she calls the police behind his back, and she stares him down. Yeah!

Also, how exhausting must it be to act like your boyfriend is dead when you know he can't die? I'm not sure I'd be able to keep that poker face going.

And what is it with early Richie and sleeveless shirts? I've never understood this wardrobe choice. I adore Stan Kirsch, but he does not rock the sleeveless look well. Really, nobody rocks the sleeveless look.

Four episodes down. Tons more to go. What do you think?
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