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Please accept my apology. I still have January posts to make. I don't know what happened. I've been writing and reading, and I suppose I forgot to post. I have no excuse to give.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to:

1) Passed 20,000 words on Mayberry with Monsters, which now has a real title of Don't Feed the Trolls. I'm still not in love with that title, but I'm keeping it. This world is a blast to write in. Dani still hasn't found her voice yet, but we're working on it. Having the outline has been a big help. It's kept me on track, and I haven't hit a wall yet.

2) Still miss Sleepy Hollow and Haven. Happy that they're coming back, though. Right now, I'm keeping up with Arrow, Grimm, Agents of SHIELD, The Voice, and I just picked up Star-Crossed. Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it's for teenagers. Do I care? No. It's wonderful, and I have no regrets!

3) Work has been crazy busy. Everybody wants to come to the library. They also gave me more responsibilities, which makes me ecstatic. No librarian job yet, but I keep trying.

4) Hubby is still the best husband in the world! He such a wonderful man!

All in all, things are good right now. Will try to finish out the January meme and keep up with the blogging.

How was last month for you?
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[personal profile] amaresu actually gave me the topic Arrow for my modified version of the December meme, and I've failed on writing this post on time. Anyway, she's the only one who offered up a topic so here we go.

I wasn't sure I'd like Arrow when it first premiered. I was partial to the Smallville version, and a piece of me wanted a spin off with Ollie and Chloe having adventures. But I gave this version a try anyway.

I loved it.

It had its gritty moments. Oliver was very nice to look at. John Barrowman showed up. And, to top it all off, there was Felicity.

Yeah, yeah, Laurel is supposed to be the love interest and all, but Felicity was so much better. She was smart and pretty and a part of Oliver's gang by the end of the season. How could Oliver not be falling in love with her?

I've liked the show better this season, but because of my job, I've fallen behind on the episodes. When I get a good stretch of time, I intend to catch up.


Even though I haven't posted much this month, I'm always open to topic suggestions. Drop one in the comments.
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The beta readers have all reported back to me, and I'm almost done with my own notes. And then the real work begins.

I think I'm going to open a new, blank document and copy the story word for word. This will give me a chance to really look at the structure of each sentence and each scene.

My betas' comments gave me a lot to think about, but none of the changes are out of my reach. It's going to take some rethinking and reworking; however, WHITE SPIRIT will be a better book for it.

Also, I've been keeping up with my TV watching.

Now that I have a new schedule at work, I can watch Arrow in real time. But I was a little confused after last night's episode so I might need to catch up on some that I missed.

I also have a lot to say about ST:Voyager and my new-found love for Seven of Nine, but that's for a later post. Stay tuned!
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As I clear the dust from my blog, I realize it has been a while. What all have I missed?

TV-Wise: Been watching all my shows.

Once - I so called spoilers ).

Vampire Diaries - Spoilers )

I need to catch up on Arrow.

The Voice is coming back, which makes me a very, very happy girl. Love The Voice. I think it's my favorite talent show of them all.

I still love Smash, but I don't think anybody else does.

Oh, and Doctor Who starts back up at the end of the month.

What TV things are making you happy?

Writing-Wise: Quick, look over there! *Runs away* Okay, so I've been making notes on WHITE SPIRIT. All of my beta readers have sent their comments so I need to incorporate all of their notes in with mine. And then the real work begins. So much revising, but I'm going to make this story work.

Job-Wise: Haven't found a full-time permanent position yet, but I've put in some promising applications.

How is it going in your neck of the woods?
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Good morning, everyone! After yesterday's sad post, let's have a happy one. After all, it is Friday so it's time to think of the good things in life.

Star Trek ramblings...featuring DS9 and Voyager...you can skip if you're not interested... )

I also caught up on Arrow this week. So, so good. And Smash is back on my TV. A show about Broadway and the theater? Yes, please. Who else watches it?

Meanwhile, in real life news, my library manager said he was happy to keep me around. Made me feel good.

Also, I'm giving Twitter another try. I'm AmyRav if you want to look for me. What's your Twitter name so I can find you?

All right, what's making you happy this week?
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I'm feeling very accomplished today. I've started my Christmas shopping, and I have an idea of how to write my way out of a hole in my WIP. *Beams*

My WIP has been giving me fits for the past few days. My FMC hasn't discovered my MMC's secret yet so this makes for an awkward first date. She suspects, but thinks she's nuts. Who would really believe this guy is a merman, am I right? ;) But I think I know where to go with this.

In the meantime, let's talk Arrow: )

So, yes, I love this show and am sad tonight is the midseason finale. Argh!

What do you think?


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