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Good morning, everyone! If you're American, I'm sure you're getting ready for Thanksgiving this Thursday. Well, while you have the time off, why not check out this quick urban fantasy read? Today, my guest is the main character of this fast-paced and fantastic story Devil's Daughter, Lydia St. Clair. Please, welcome her to my blog.

“The Devil is a busy man.”

Lydia St. Clair was seventeen when she made her first deal with The Devil. Now twenty-one years old and a professional bounty hunter, Lydia possesses a unique set of skills that make her valuable to Lucifer’s grand plans. In the four years since that fateful night she has come full-circle, and now her nemesis has come back to collect on that debt.

Unfortunately for Lydia, He has leverage that will leave her questioning her own humanity.

Hello, hello. And welcome to my blog. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Lydia St. Clair and I’m a bounty hunter for the Devil. I know that sounds a little cliché, but it’s true. When I was eighteen, I made a pretty sloppy deal with him because I did something stupid. A few years later he came back and I ended up selling my soul to him to make that first deal right. Think of me as a sort of rogue from Dungeons and Dragons. I can sneak up on people, pick locks, steal things… oh, and my car never runs out of gas. How’s that for awesome?

What’s the strangest bounty you’ve ever collected?

Tough question. My first was a Nephilim, which in retrospect was probably the tamest thing I’ve encountered. Since then there have been some real doozies… vampires, werewolves, a warlock… but the strangest one was probably the necromancer that carried Medusa’s left eye in a jar on a chain around his neck. Lucky for me I didn’t get turned to stone. The eye is in a mirrored bottle on a shelf in my house. It still freaks me out.

What kind of man is the Devil?

He’s the Devil. That’s really the best explanation. Most people think He’s evil but really… well, yeah, He’s evil. But it’s not all hellfire and brimstone like some would have you believe. He’s a smart ass mostly, and He has an agenda. Like with the Nephilim I went after – His methods are pretty underhanded but it probably was for the best that He had me catch the guy. After all, the spawn of a fallen angel with the powers of absolution could cause huge problems in all sorts of areas. Sometimes His actions are for the greater good, but He would never, ever admit it.

How do you like to relax and unwind after a tough night?

Relax? Unwind? What are these things you speak of?
Seriously, though, when I finally get free time, I like to spend it with my Dad. Every now and again we get to go fishing – I don’t really like to fish, but I like being out on the lake, and I like being with him. If I don’t have time to blow like that, I’m always good with sitting down on my couch in front of the TV with a bottle of wine and a bag of chips.

Now for the fun questions:

What is your favorite word?

“No.” I love that word, and there are times when I really wish I could use it more often.

What is your favorite color?

Peacock Blue. It makes me happy.

Books or movies?

I wasn’t much the reading type when I was a teenager – I was more the get drunk and get laid type. Didn’t remember many movies either because I was usually high as a kite. My favorite movie to sit and watch now is Labyrinth. It’s one of the few things I have from my childhood and it still makes me smile. I still don’t get to read much, but I do have a copy of Gone With the Wind next to my bed.

Favorite animal?

I used to love Unicorns until the necromancer sent one after me… now it would probably have to be my cat, Chiron. Except when he wakes me up at 3am for food.

Why should my readers pick up your story?

Because I’m awesome? Isn’t that reason enough? No? Oh, all right… people really should read this story because it’s intensely personal. There’s tragedy and triumph, and even some humor in the darkness. It’s also the beginning of my adventures and it tells a little bit about how I got to be who I am today.

Where can they find this book?

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the No Boundaries Store

Thank you for stopping by!

To find out more about S.H. Roddey and her novels, check out her blog.
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Good morning, everyone! I hope your Monday is going well (or will go well if you haven't started you day yet). Today, my character guest is Pierce Wisely from Tyffani Clark Kemp's debut novel, Scorned: A LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted Novel.

LeKrista Scott has killed a vampire, and now his lover wants revenge.

After months of watching her from the shadows, Lucretious, a millennia old vampire, finally makes his attack during a party thrown by his maker, Roman - a party where Roman proclaims his protection over LeKrista. Roman steps in and saves her life, but not before she deals Lucretious the true death in front of his lover, Perdita. Now LeKrista is running for her life and Roman is trying to save it, but she’s not sure if he really cares or if he has some underhanded reason for keeping her alive. She seeks help from Mages but they refuse to help her, even though she exhibits high potential as a Mage herself. In a last ditch effort, Roman whisks LeKrista away, but Perdita finds them. LeKrista must eliminate Perdita one way or another.

Hello, hello. And welcome to my blog. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Pierce Wisely, I'm 32 years old and LeKrista is my girlfriend.

How did you meet LeKrista?

On the side of the road. [haha] Her car had broken down and she was freaking out, as she tends to do when she doesn't know what's going on. I stopped to help. I'm good with cars. I gave her my number and asked her to call if she ever needed my help again.

How did you know she was the one for you?

It's more like when. We were on our fourth date. I'd taken her to downtown Greenville and there was a lost little girl. Staci wouldn't let us get back to our date until we found the girl's mother.


Yeah. It's the only nickname that made sense to me.

How do you like to relax and unwind after a tough night?

With my Staci tucked under my arm and a beer in my hand.

Now for the fun questions:

What is your favorite word?
Oh, that's a dirty one. [winks]

What is your favorite color? Midnight Blue

Books or movies? Poetry

Favorite animal? Lion

Why should my readers pick up your story?

There's tension and romance, pain and happiness. We have so much to tell. So much that you'll never see coming. The evolution of our character is almost unbelievable.

Where can they find this book

It should be available on Amazon starting today.

Thank you for coming by to talk to us today, Pierce. Now you two crazy kids go have some fun.

For more information about Tyffani Clark Kemp and her books, you can find her here: Facebook, her blog, and Twitter.
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Today, I have two very special guests. They are Andre and Leo, the vampire protagonists from erotica author Alexandra Christian's newest release, Strange Bedfellows: Three to Tango.

“…vampires can be dangerous to your health.”

A truer statement had never been uttered, but when Cali stumbled upon The Oubliette, she began to realize the wisdom in those words. Broken-hearted and bored, Cali’s life had become a string of TV dinners and romance novels. She wondered where her life was going until she followed the mysterious stranger through the red door and entered a world that few would ever know existed. A world of vampires, werewolves and pleasure beyond imagination. Within the walls of The Oubliette, Cali will embark on a dangerous and sensual journey of discovery that will change her life forever.

Welcome, gentlemen. Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Andre: Well, Amy, I--
Leo: Why do you always get to start? She asked about US, she didn't say "Hey Andre, why don't you just start droning on and on about yourself and how you were a knight and an artists' model blah- blah-blah"
A: And hung. You always forget 'hung.' Anyway, I thought you were a SILENT movie star.
L: One should never let their careers define them. And that was decades ago. But enough about us, Amy. Tell us all about you.

Oh, no one wants to hear about me. I'm kind of boring. Anyway, how did you two meet?

A: I had become so bored with being an immortal. After 500 years, you get so sick of doing the same things over and over. I'd finally made my way back to Paris. It was 1921 and Paris was so vibrant and full of life. I thought that perhaps I could get back some of my will to live. So I was sitting in this little cabaret, having a drink of the most adorable little waitress when I saw Leo come into the room. There was all of this commotion and I asked my midnight snack what was going on. She explained that Leo was a movie star, filming in Paris for the summer. I was so struck by his beauty and joie de vivre that I just had to keep him forever.
L: He was horny.
A: Yes. But it was a public service really. The world is far more interesting with him in it. Don't you agree?

Most definitely. Tell me all about The Oubliette.

L: The Oubliette is an unusual place for unusual individuals. I'm sure that you're aware that there are places on the earth where the veil between the ethereal and corporeal plane is very thin. I believe you call them ley lines. The Oubliette is a place where those from the ethereal plane can pass through into the corporeal world.

Do you hunt for prey there, or is it all just fun and games?

A: One thing about paranormals or, the Undead if you prefer, though they love their immortality they crave the warmth of humanity. To feel the supple flesh, the steady beat of a human heart. The Oubliette is a place where people like me can find people like... well... you.

How do you like to relax and unwind after a tough night, other than the obvious?

A and L together: Having a friend for dinner.

Now for the fun questions:

What is your favorite word?

L: shenanigans A: Foutre

What is your favorite color?
Both: RED

Books or movies?
L: Movies, of course. A: Books. Movies are crude forms of entertainment.

Favorite animal?
L: Wolves. Definitely. A: Snakes.

And finally, tell us about this particular story.

L: In this story you get to hear about how we found our beautiful little libation, Cali. She was a bit resistant at first, but we were easily able to bring her around to our point of view.

Oh, one more thing--- Where can my readers get this incredibly sexy jewel of a story?

Mocha Memoirs Press

Barnes and Noble

All Romance Books

A: The internet, such a wonderful invention. Thanks so much for having us, Amy. Perhaps someday we can have you for dinner.

Maybe, but I have to warn you. I'm a little bit salty.


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