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Over the last few months, a controversy has been brewing in the geek world. It's centered around whether women are real geeks or not. If you haven't been following it, you can get the lowdown here.

Several female geeks, like Seanan McGuire, have made elegant posts about this, and I thought I'd share my experiences as well.

To be honest, I've been pretty lucky.

Before the Internet, I was a rather lonely little geek. I grew up in a very small town so there weren't really that many geeks around. I used to let my freak flag fly when I was a little kid, but after being made fun of, I kept my geeky loves to myself.

At seven, I went through a Wizard of Oz phase - by my self. At nine, I loved the Monkees, but everyone else thought I was weird. At twelve, it was NKOTB, and thankfully, I had a small group of friends who geeked out with me.

But I didn't get into sci-fi/fantasy stuff until high school. Besides my love for musical theater (and the wonderful group of friends I made at the Andy Griffith Playhouse), I adored Quantum Leap, Indiana Jones, and Highlander - and no one else seemed to. So I kept them to myself.

And then along came the Internet in college. I stumbled upon the Highlander forum, and they accepted me with open arms. From then on, I kept stumbling into wonderful fandoms that never accused anyone of not being geeky enough - Backstreet Boys, Ewan McGregor, Charmed. Supernatural got a little weird, but no one was accusing people of being fake fans.

Maybe it's because I stayed on the fringes of fandom and kept to a small group of friends I met along the way. But I can say I never felt like an outsider once I found my niche.

Because of that, I make it a point to accept everyone I meet. So what if you can't remember which McLeod is which. If you enjoy Highlander as much as I do, you're welcome to come geek out with me.

What was your fandom experience? Were you ever accused of being a "fake geek girl"? Is there such a thing as a "fake geek girl", or is it just someone new looking for a place where she fits in?


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