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I'm currently in the throes of procrastination right now so I give you a blog post!

My TARDIS cardigan, or TARDIgan if you will, came in from Her Universe yesterday. It is absolutely adorable! They also now have their Captain America cardigan available in my size again. So that's for the next paycheck. I'm going to be a stylin' librarian, peeps.

Hubby and I celebrated our eight wedding anniversary with a pizza, cupcakes, and The Lego Movie. When we do romance, we do romance.

Right now, I'm contemplating tossing my cat Sam out the window because he is getting into everything. Argh! To be fair, he hates the sound of the dishwasher. He won't calm down until it's finished.

In fandom news, I'm contemplating another round of The Original Character Big Bang over on LJ. A couple of people have sent me messages asking if I'll do it again so I'm trying to gauge the interest. I've been out of touch with fandom for so long. Are big bangs still a thing? So, if you're initerested, drop me a comment.

Okay, enough procrastination. Back to the story. Ghost hunters and sexy psychics aren't going to fix themselves.
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Can we take a moment and talk about Sebastian Stan?

Yeah, the guy who played the bad guy in The Covenant. The guy who was the love interest in Labyrinth (The TV movie, not the one you're thinking of). Bucky freakin' Barnes!

He seems to have decided to take over my life this summer. Last summer, it was Henry Cavill. This summer, it's Sebastian Stan.

I'm contemplating sitting through Hot Tub Time Machine again for you, Mr. Stan.

Now, if I could only find a community...a mailing list...anything. Tumblr insists on making me feel old.

Such is the plight of the Fandom Queen.


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