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Please accept my apology. I still have January posts to make. I don't know what happened. I've been writing and reading, and I suppose I forgot to post. I have no excuse to give.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to:

1) Passed 20,000 words on Mayberry with Monsters, which now has a real title of Don't Feed the Trolls. I'm still not in love with that title, but I'm keeping it. This world is a blast to write in. Dani still hasn't found her voice yet, but we're working on it. Having the outline has been a big help. It's kept me on track, and I haven't hit a wall yet.

2) Still miss Sleepy Hollow and Haven. Happy that they're coming back, though. Right now, I'm keeping up with Arrow, Grimm, Agents of SHIELD, The Voice, and I just picked up Star-Crossed. Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it's for teenagers. Do I care? No. It's wonderful, and I have no regrets!

3) Work has been crazy busy. Everybody wants to come to the library. They also gave me more responsibilities, which makes me ecstatic. No librarian job yet, but I keep trying.

4) Hubby is still the best husband in the world! He such a wonderful man!

All in all, things are good right now. Will try to finish out the January meme and keep up with the blogging.

How was last month for you?
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It is week two of #writemotivation, and already I've fallen off the wagon. To be fair, I'm transitioning from a temp job to a permanent job. (Both are part time, don't get excited.) But there have been several days where I've been lazy.

Let's review:

1) Start working on the third draft of WHITE SPIRIT.

I've had a breakthrough with Tristan's back story, now to hash out the details so I can make this a better book.

2) Write or edit every day I don’t have to work.

Can I cite reading Nora Roberts' latest book as an excuse for not doing this one?

3) Have the first third done.

Still hasn't happened. I'm working on it, though.


Meanwhile, let's talk Grimm.

Dear Grimm,

Meet me behind the cut tag... )

Okay, you can return to entertaining me now.

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As I sit here, the last chapter of White Spirit is staring at me. Unfortunately, with all the changes I've made, it's going to have to be rewritten from scratch. *Sigh* The task feels daunting, but I think I can handle it. I'm at the point where I'm just ready for this to be finished. My new shiny keeps beckoning from its notebook.

I also think I may have a job. I was asked to interview for a temporary part-time library assistant position. The temp part seems to mean I might move from branch to branch throughout the system so there's not an official ending date. But this is a foot in the door and might lead to that elusive librarian position I've been dreaming of.

In the world of TV, all my shows continue to rock my socks. I haven't seen this week's Revolution yet (I'm still mad at them for last week), but I'm caught up on everything else.

Grimm )

Once Upon a Time )

Vampire Diaries )

So, are any of you guys watching?


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