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Good morning, everyone! It's Monday, and everyone is back at school or work. The holidays are over. Pardon me while I pout for a bit. Anyway, random bits and pieces today.

*No topic for today, but there are lots of days left this month. Suggest a topic, even if you've already suggested something.

*I've managed to write every day this year so far. (Yes, I am looking for a pat on the back.) I'm using one of Mercedes Lackey's suggestions, which is to write four pages a day. For some reason, it feels less daunting than a word count. I don't know why, but it's working.

*So, Hubby and I are into season two of Battlestar Galactica. A few things... )

Hubby thinks that if they just send Starbuck into a lot of situations, everything would be solved in five minutes. She's his favorite character.

*Is Sleepy Hollow back tonight? Does anyone know?

*The new season of Sherlock is completely awesome! Can we keep Mary? Please?
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Today's topic comes from njborba - Sleepy Hollow. Likes? Dislikes? Chat away!

Sleepy Hollow is my favorite new show. The whole premise sounded so crazy that I had to try it. And I did. And I loved every second of it.

Abbie and her sister Jenny are total badasses. Ichabod is sarcastic and sexy. Irving is the best boss in the world. And Katrina is starting to get an interesting storyline.

Likes: Ichabod and Abbie have the best partnership ever. I love how they rely on each other without question.

I love that Jenny and Irving have been brought into the fight, and I'm shipping them like crazy.

I love that Katrina is a redhead (heh!) and a witch.

I love the whole premise of the show. What's going to happen next?

Dislikes: There's only really one, and that's I want to know more about the witches and how magic works in this world. Possible general spoilers ahead ) I know Abbie and Ichabod, the two witnesses, are our main characters, but can't these mere mortals (as badass as they are) get a little witchy help? Other than Katrina?

Witches...they never get any respect.

Plenty of days are left. Suggest a topic.
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Happy December! And we're back to our regular schedule. But it is the month of Christmas so that makes me happy.

How about another Blog Posting Day!

8 Post a song that makes you want to write. (Or gets you in the mood to read All Of The Fanfic.)

I'll post links to youtube videos when I get home, probably tomorrow. Until then, I'll just list.

For my current original story, MAYBERRY WITH MONSTERS:

No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine
Sinister Kid - Black Keys
Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
Again - Flyleaf
Cornflake Girl - Tori Amos

For my previous story, WHITE SPIRIT:

Haunted - Poe
Amazed - Poe
Questions - System of a Down
Dead Souls - Nine Inch Nails
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

I haven't written fic in a while, but I have a couple of songs that remind me of current fandoms:

ET - Katy Perry (Thor)
Devil's Backbone - The Civil Wars (Haven)
The Last Dance - Within Temptation (Sleepy Hollow)

Yay, music!

The Questions )
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"...I've fallen in love with a man on the run."

A little Civil Wars for your Tuesday afternoon. It's a lyric from "Devil's Backbone," which is the song that currently reminds me of Duke Crocker. (Speaking of, I have a whole playlist. I need to share it at some point.)

So, what is making me happy this week?

*I figured out what was bothering me in MAYBERRY WITH MONSTERS. I originally had an infodump at the beginning where Dani's mom explained the whole witchy thing to her, and it just wasn't right. I've now redone it where Dani is only getting bits of info as she goes along.

*TV is really making me happy. Loved last Friday's episode of Haven, last Monday's Sleepy Hollow, and I squeed all through the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

*Possible full time job openings are coming down the pipeline next month. Wish me luck!

*Thanksgiving is this Thursday here in the USA. We're hosting this year, and I'm excited about having everyone over. Plus, I can continue my tradition of watching the parade. It's not Thanksgiving without it. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

What's making you happy this week?
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Still going on NaBloPoMo. I know I'm behind everyone else, but that's okay.

6 What's your current fandom love(s) and/or ship(s?

Sadly, I'm at work so I can't fill up this post with pretty, pretty pictures. However, I'll be more than happy the blather on about it.

At this moment, I can't get enough of Haven and Sleepy Hollow.

Haven is on its fourth season and tells the story of this weird little town in Maine where people can do weird, destructive things. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

It also features Duke Crocker, played by Eric Balfour (who, for those of you who remember, was Jesse, Xander's geeky friend who died in the first episode of Buffy. I bring this up because I never thought I'd ever develop a crush on him). Duke owns me. He totally owns me. And I look for him in every episode.

I've been an Audrey/Nathan shipper from day one, and as soon as she came onboard this season, I've rooted for Jennifer/Duke. Along the way, I've shipped Julia/Duke, Claire/Duke, and Jordan/Dwight.

Sleepy Hollow is the new kid on the block with only eight episodes so far. Ichabod Crane (yes, that Ichabod Crane) woke up in the 21st century and is a whole lot hotter than we were lead to believe in the short story. He teams up with a no-nonsense cop named Abbie to fight demonic Evil, including a headless horseman with an assault rifle. Every moment of this show is complete awesomeness.

Right now, I'm shipping Katrina/Ichabod. They are married, and he's totally devoted to his wife.

The Questions )
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Yesterday's post was kind of a downer so today, I'm posting about what's making me happy.

*Duke Crocker. I continue to squee over this character, and I can't seem to stop. I've got pics all over my Pinterest. I keep reblogging anything that has to do with him on Tumblr. Tonight, Hubby is queuing up season four of Haven so we will be all caught up. Feel free to squee with me in the comments. (Please, please squee with me. Everybody else looks at me like I've grown a second head.)

*My current original fic, MAYBERRY WITH MONSTERS. It's about a sixteen-year old witch who has to protect her family and her town from scary, tall, evil, beautiful trolls. It's YA, and I'm having a lot of fun writing it.

*Sleepy Hollow. It has a time-traveling snarky Ichabod Crane. An awesome cop named Abbie Mills. And a headless horseman with a machine gun. What is there not to like? (I really need to search out some fic when I get a chance.)

*Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I'm trying to keep my spirit under wraps until Thanksgiving is over. But Christmas is coming!

What's making you happy today?
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Tuesday is upon us, and September is halfway over. How did that happen? Wait...next week is the premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., isn't it? Excellent!

All right, my current status with WHITE SPIRIT is I'm almost done. One hundred pages are left. If I make a hard push, I can finish this draft and start to query it. Lots of work ahead!

Fall TV shows have started! Did anyone else watch Sleepy Hollow last night? I loved it. I loved every single minute of it. I've found a new show. Come, discuss with me in the comments!

In the meantime, back to the editing!


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