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My favorite summer show is in full swing now, and I'm so happy. I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance since it started.

Travis from season two has always been my favorite dancer, but I think I have a new dance boy to cheer on this season - Tucker. It's the curls, definitely the curls. I'm a sucker for curls.

But all the dancers seem to be really awesome this season.

And Sonya's choreography is my favorite. She always does the weirdest, most awesome routines. So happy to see her front and center.

So, what do you think of the season so far? Isn't it going to be amazing?
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Ah, yes, song lyrics. My favorite subject lines. :) That's what I get for listening to Florence and the Machine in the car.

Anyway, I love it when a story comes together, and right now, WHITE SPIRIT seems to be doing that. The flow is so much better. The dialogue is snappier. Tristan is hotter (if that's possible).

Let's review my #Writemotivation goals since it is the end of the month.

1) Start working on the third draft of WHITE SPIRIT.

Ah ha! I'm up to chapter two on the edits, and I feel fine.

2) Write or edit every day I don’t have to work.

I still miss a day here and there, but for the most part, I'm keeping up with this one.

3) Have the first third done.

Did not happen this month, and that's okay. Like I said, I'm up to chapter two in the revision, but I'm hoping I can finish off chapter three before the end of the week. Maybe. Since tomorrow is the end of the month and the week.

In other news, I've been keeping up with So You Think You Can Dance through less than legal means. I would have no problem watching legally, Fox, if you had a way in which I could do that.

I'm loving the auditions and have seen a few people I can cheer for. Yay! What do you think so far?

I also saw an ad for The Listener. I'm probably the only person who remembers this show, but I watched the first season when it aired in the US. Loved it with all of my heart. And then NBC took it away from me. But apparently, it's still on in Canada. I have to find a way to see those episodes. I have to.

Yes, I still have a Star Trek post to make. I promise to make it next week. Until then, on with the story.


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