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2015-01-22 04:31 pm

The Highlander Project: Duncan Does "Die Hard"

Back again with more Highlander rewatch fun. Anyone joining in? Drop a comment below!

Previously on Highlander

S1E3: The Road Not Taken

The One Where:

Richie's friend dies while breaking into a building, and Richie and Duncan investigate the death. It all reminds Duncan of a friend he knew in Japan. A friend who is now hanging out in Seacouver.

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S1E4: Bad Day in Building A

The One Where:
Duncan does his best Bruce Willis. He systematically takes out mortal bad guys in a courthouse while protecting a little girl.

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Four episodes down. Tons more to go. What do you think?
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2015-01-17 05:54 pm

The Highlander Project: Scene Chewing and Good Ol' Boys

Hello! Welcome to my Highlander rewatch project. We're starting at season one, episodes one and two today. Aren't you excited? I wanted to include pictures, but some of the images aren't very good. If you know where I can find some good pictures, I might be able to add them.

Also, my format is inspired by Forever Young Adult and the way they do their rewatches. I hope that's okay.

All right, let's do this!

S1E1: The Gathering

The One Where:

Connor McLeod shows up along with a bad Immortal named Slan. Slan is hunting our new Highlander Duncan, and Connor is hunting Slan. Scene chewing and sword fighting ensue. Duncan's girlfriend Tessa (my personal hero) gets mad. And it's all witnessed by the worst but prettiest thief in the world, Richie Ryan (sigh!).

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S1E2: Innocent Man

(On my DVDs, it says "Family Tree" is the second episode, but Hulu said this one was. Since we're watching on Hulu, we're going to go with it.)

The One Where:
Duncan's friend Lucas (a Southern gentleman) is beheaded, and a homeless man is framed for it. Small towns are creepy, and reporters are nosy.

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Thoughts? Feelings? Memories? Share them with me!
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2015-01-12 10:10 am

There Can Be Only One

Good morning, everyone! Hope you're settling into 2015 well.

So, I've been thinking. I've seen other people rewatching some of their favorite shows and blogging about it. I've also enjoyed a lot of them.

But you know what I want to rewatch? Highlander. HL was my first online fandom, my first love, my intro to everything. I was fifteen and desperately in love with Richie Ryan. (For you young whippersnappers, that's him in the icon. Obviously, Stan Kirsch no longer looks like this and I'm afraid to see what he looks like today.)

I can't promise I'll blog my progress with any kind of regularity, but I'll darn well try. Who wants to rewatch with me? All of the episodes are on Hulu, and I've never seen all of season six (aka, the season that doesn't exist because of reasons). And to those of you who have never seen it, you should totally watch it.

A little background for those who have never seen it:

HL the series branches off from the first movie (totally rent it...it's worth it). Thankfully, they never acknowledged the second one (do not rent it...it is not worth it). Anyway, Duncan MacLeod is Connor MacLeod's cousin (give or take a few decades). He's 400 years old and was born in the highlands of Scotland (as the credits will tell you).

While an Immortal can walk around in the daylight and not have to drink blood (like a vampire), they do live by the code that only one Immortal can be left alive. The only way to kill one is beheading. So, all of the Immortals walk around carrying badass swords and fighting to the death. They're only safe from each other on holy ground (any religion or sacred place will do).

So, who else wants to indulge in this magnificence of 90's fantasy? It's gonna be awesome! We'll start on Thursday.
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2015-01-09 01:56 pm

Sometimes it takes a woman to kick major ass

Raise your hand if you're watching Agent Carter. Isn't it fantastic?

I was so excited when they announced this show, and it does not disappoint. Two episodes in, and I'm already squeeing.

Peggy holds her own in a sea of guys. Jarvis is an adorable sidekick. And I kind of want Sousa to stick around and help her out.

Who else is watching. Let's squee together!
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2013-12-23 07:47 pm

Good Evening, Everyone!

It's quiet in the library now, but we still have an hour and ten minutes before we close.

For those who celebrate, are you ready for the holiday? For those who don't, are you ready for New Year's Eve? My best friends are coming to my house for NYE this year, and I'm so excited! It's the first time in ten years.

I've planned my self-imposed writing deadlines for the coming year.

Feb. 28 - Finish first draft of MWM
March 31 - Finish 3rd draft of WS and start querying (finally...I've been saying this forever)
May 31 - 2nd draft of MWM, send off to betas
August 31 - 1st draft of Of the Sea (or the Pandora's Box story I started years ago)

And then we'll see what happens with the WS queries. Keep me true my to my word, gang!

As for TV shows and such, so much to catch up on. I think I'm going to have to choose the shows I like best to catch up on. I'm so far behind, and hubby and I keep picking up shows on Netflix to binge-watch together (BTW, Battlestar Galactica has a darker vibe than Star Trek, and we've both been sucked in).

If I don't post again before the new year, may your 2014 be awesome!
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2013-09-22 02:43 pm

Sunday Bits

* I'm never going to finish WHITE SPIRIT. It's going to keep going and going and going...

* Sometimes I look at people and think, "It must be exhausting trying to be cynical and cool all the time."

* Jotted ideas down for the merman book the other day. I'm pleased with many of them.

* I have no idea why the library is full of people today. We don't have any programs going on. It's a beautiful day outside; why are you all here?

* Almost finished with Sweet Legacy by Tera Lynn Childs, and then I can start Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I've heard good things.

* One kid is watching Zack and Cody on one of the computers. I find myself watching with him from my seat on the desk, even though I can't hear it.

* I wish this child behind me would stop screaming.

* Ooh, the Emmys come on tonight. I'll be in my pajamas, stuffing my face with potato chips while I watch. I'm a sucker for awards shows.

How is your Sunday going?
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2013-08-06 07:34 pm

Swords and Starships

Well, will you look at that? It's been a week since my last post. Er, sorry. I have to start doing this on a schedule. In my defense, I made progress on my current draft. I will finish it this month, darn it.

In the meantime, let's talk about TV shows, specifically Game of Thrones and Enterprise.

You see, Hubby and I are going through some shows we've missed. For the past year, we watched all the Star Treks. Currently, we're on Enterprise. We're not going through it as fast, though.

Enterprise Rambling, up through mid-season three )

A few weeks ago, Hubby started reading A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. He's in the middle of book three right now. (I'm jealous of how fast he reads.) So, naturally, we rented seasons one and two of the show.

GOT Ramblings...please don't spoil me with season three )

Come, let's discuss in the comments!