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Hi, everyone! I've made some new friends thanks to [personal profile] kouredios's awesome friending meme.

Welcome, welcome! I'm ravenela, also known as Amy, and I'm dragonsinger on LJ as well (but I haven't been using my LJ lately...I seem to have migrated).

I'm a redheaded librarian who happens to be a huge booknerd and has an unhealthy TV addiction. Favorite writers are Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Nora Roberts, and Kelley Armstrong. Favorite TV shows are Highlander, Charmed, OUAT, Castle, Criminal Minds, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast (2012), Grimm, and the Mentalist. Thanks to the reboot, my hubby and I have been streamlining all the Star Trek canon. We're up to DS9 right now.

I'm also a writer who is trying to get published. I prattle on about my original stuff as well as my fannish stuff. All my fanfic can be found here. It hasn't been updated in a few years, but now that I've earned my master's, I might have time for both fanfic and original fic.:)

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. It's nice to meet everyone, and I'm so happy fandom hasn't completely abandoned the journal format.:)
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I've decided to give this blogging thing another try so here we are. I wasn't a fan of Blogger's format so I chose to move my blog here.

Welcome to my world!

A bit about me: My name is Amy, and I'm a librarian without a library currently. I'm also a writer who is working her way to be published. In fact, I should be writing right now. I live in NC with an epically-bearded husband and two epically-furry cats. I'm a sucker for sci-fi/fantasy and romance TV shows, books, and movies. My heart will always belong to the TV shows Highlander and Charmed, even though I love newer ones like Once Upon a Time and Grimm.

My plan for this blog is to talk about my favorite things, writing, and anything else that happens to be on my mind. Whatever it is, I'm going to keep things positive. There's too much negativity in the world so I'm not going to dwell on it.

I'm also determined to keep this blog going, even if no one reads it. So, here we go!


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