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Good morning! I'm wearing both my librarian and writer hats today. I have another book to squee about, and some writing updates to impart.

Let's start with the Squeeworthy Book. I've been thinking of ways to change up the format of this feature to make it more interesting so I'm going to try some new things in the coming weeks. Something's bound to stick, right?

Anyway, this week's Squeeworthy Book is another series, Medusa Girls by Tera Lynn Childs.


Plot: Grace, Gretchen, and Greer each grew up in different households. When the three come together, they learn they are identical triplets and have the power to send mythological monsters back to their own realm. They are also the Key Generation, three young women prophesied to open the door between our world and the world of the monsters. It's Charmed meets Greek mythology.

Favorite Character: Grace, definitely. She is the sister who grows the most throughout the trilogy. She's smart and she learns to kick butt.

Why is it squeeworthy? This whole series is so much fun. You have three sisters learning who they are and about their magical powers. And they're fighting monsters along the way. Did I mention that it reminds me of Charmed? Each girl has an individual power in addition to the powers all three share. It's magic, it's mayhem, and it's wonderful.

Okay, and now for my #writemotivation update.

I haven't accomplished anything this past week, but to be fair, I had a houseguest.

1) Plot out MWM

I wrote down some more notes about my witches and my trolls, but a coherent plot still eludes me. I'll continue to dig.

2) Write query for WS

I have less than 100 pages to go on this draft, and I'm worried it won't reach 80,000 words. If I can get it as close as possible, I can write the query.

3) Send out first round of queries

See above.

4) Write first chapter of MWM

Still need to plot and outline before I begin.

How are your writing projects coming? Got any squeeworthy books to recommend?
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Happy Monday, everyone! We're fresh off the weekend and all the SDCC excitement. So much picture and video pretty that I can't even process. The Man of Steel and Henry Cavill fangirl in me is flailing.

But now, it's time to put my author hat back on. See the icon there? That's my two MCs from WHITE SPIRIT - McKenna and Tristan. The manip isn't great, but the icon doesn't look too bad.

Anyway, time to check in with my #writemotivation goals. If you're playing along, and I haven't commented on your blog yet, please let me know.

1) Get halfway through the edits on WHITE SPIRIT.

Still moving along. I'm stuck at chapter five because it's a very emotional chapter. I want to make sure I'm showing the emotion and that Tristan isn't wimping out on me. I'm having trouble striking that balance. Anybody got any tips?

2) Work on it every day.

Not a good week for it. I missed three days. It was entirely my fault for being lazy. Argh!

So, how is your writing/editing/creative project coming?
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It's another week; let's see how those goals are going.

1) Get halfway through the edits on WHITE SPIRIT.

Since adding those two scenes in, my plot moved a bit smoother. I don't know whether they gave my characters more of an emotional foundation or what. But chapter five is chugging right along. This is the chapter where I've killed off one of my MC's best friends. Now I need to pour the emotion into it. In the previous drafts, it was sparse and I can see why my betas told me to punch it up.

Also, I've set a deadline for these edits - August 17. Writing it down made it seem more real so I think I need to do more of that.

2) Work on it every day.

I missed last Wednesday and Friday, but I've worked on it all the other days. Gotta keep this up.

Now, if only they would fix the air conditioner here at work.
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Okay, so, to get myself writing today, I may have committed an act of fanfiction. It wasn't big. A simple Man of Steel drabble. But it did get me into work mode, and sometimes you need that, right?

What gets you into work mode?

Anyway, let's look at our July Write Motivation goals, shall we?

1) Get halfway through the edits on WHITE SPIRIT.

I don't think I'm revising right. I'm on the third draft, and I'm adding in new scenes. To be fair, I did cut a couple that were dead weight. But I've noticed I needed to fix the flow. Granted, I'm not adding as many as I did during the last draft, but I'm still adding. I like to think of it as fleshing out the characters, you know?

Meanwhile, I'm getting a better understanding of Tristan and McKenna and how their powers and relationship works. I'm very pleased.

2) Work on it every day.

In my defense, there was a holiday last week. I'm back on track as of today, though. Onward and upward.
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Happy afternoon! It's another Monday, and another month. If you live in the US, what are your plans for the fourth?

* After totaling our car two weekends ago (don't worry, everyone is fine), we bought a new car yesterday. It's a blue Honda Civic Coupe, and I adore it. Absolutely adore it.

You see, the weekend before last, Hubby and I visited his mother in SC. While driving to dinner, a driver hit our car and ripped off the back end. Everyone was fine, but the other driver kept on going. Needless to say, we were able to get a new car.

* Writing is going well. We've started a new month of Write Motivation, and here are my goals:

1) Get halfway through the edits on WHITE SPIRIT.

I've put chapters one and two to bed and have moved on to chapter three. So far, I'm very pleased. Let's hope this trend will continue.

2) Work on it every day.

Last week was hit or miss, but I had more hits than misses. This week hasn't started off very well (I have to be at work in a little while), but I'll pick up the slack tomorrow.

* Yeah, Henry Cavill is still hot. I have a few upcoming posts about that.

So, what's new with you?
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This month's round of Write Motivation is ending, and I don't think I did very well. But, guys, I have an excuse! It's all this man's fault:

Henry Cavill is so pretty. How can you stop staring at him? Seriously?

Okay, before I take myself to see Man of Steel for a second time, let's look at my June goals:

1) Complete at least four chapters of the WHITE SPIRIT revision.

Never reached this goal. I've only done two. To be fair, it took me forever to get those two chapters right. Hopefully, the following chapters won't be that difficult.

2) Work on it every day.

It's been sporadic, what with all the MoS and Henry Cavill fangirling. At least I'm honest.

3) Start researching trolls for my YA, MAYBERRY WITH MONSTERS (working title).

Still haven't started this yet. I may have to move it back to September.

So, there you have it, my June. I did sign up for July, though. I think that one will go much better. And if you want to sign up and play along, the post is here. All you have to do is sign up with some writing goals and check in every week. People then leave comments to cheer you on. You know you want to.

Okay, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Superman...again.
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Ah, another week is here, and it's time to check on the #Writemotivation goals. I would've posted these yesterday, but I was geeking out over Man of Steel. Come geek out with me.

All right, let's see how the editing is going.

1) Complete at least four chapters of the WHITE SPIRIT revision.

I've been switching and changing scenes in both chapters two and three for the past week. I have to say, I think it has a smoother flow now. *Nods* I have two weeks left in this month, right? I can knock out two more chapters. *Puffs out chest*

2) Work on it every day.

I can actually say I've worked on this story every week day. I keep missing weekends, though. It's tough when you share an office with your husband, and he likes to watch Youtube videos during the weekend.

3) Start researching trolls for my YA, MAYBERRY WITH MONSTERS (working title).

Haven't even begun yet. I really need to see if the library has any books I can put on hold.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this month. I still want to finish WHITE SPIRIT by the end of July. It'll take some pushing, but I think I'm up to the task.
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It's another one of those days where I don't have a whole epic blog for you. And that's okay. I do have cats, though. I'll introduce you at the end of this post.


#WriteMotivation is going very slowly. Last week was a horrible wash.

1) Complete at least four chapters of the WHITE SPIRIT revision.

I've stalled out on chapter three. I'm second guessing everything I wrote before, wondering if I need to open it differently or keep it the same. Should we meet McKenna through Tommy? Should McKenna be introduced in her own chapter? Should I wait until Tristan meets McKenna to introduce her? Hmmm...

2) Work on it every day.

I started off so well. And then I had to take the car to the Honda place last Wednesday so the last part was wasted.

3) Start researching trolls for my YA, MAYBERRY WITH MONSTERS (working title).

Have not begun this yet, but I have some basic notes.


How is your summer going? I like my permanent part time job. Lots of kids and teens signing up for the summer reading program. All teens, I encourage you to sign up for the teen summer reading program at your branch. And if you're an adult, find out if your library has an adult reading program. We have one, and one of the prizes is a Kindle Fire.


And now for the promised kitties. What? Other people share pictures of their children. )
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Here it is...the Star Trek babbling I promised you. You're very excited; I can tell. And if you're looking for an in-depth review, you won't find it here.

Movie ramblings... )

In other Trek news, hubby and I have made it to Enterprise...and we're not sure what to think.

First of all, what's up with the power ballad theme song?

Moving on, it makes for an interesting prequel, but it feels...angstier. I wasn't sure about Hoshi, what with the whining in the beginning, but she's growing on me. Tripp and T'Pol continue to grate, but I'm willing to give them time to mellow.

Love the doctor on this one (and it's not only because hubby and I met him in person. In fact, hubby held his arm so his wife could spray him with cologne. It was a weird panel.)

I think we have two seasons left on this one. Please tell me the dog makes it out alive.


I've also signed up for another month of #WriteMotivation. This month, my goals are:

1) Complete at least four chapters of the WHITE SPIRIT revision.

2) Work on it every day.

3) Start researching trolls for my YA, MAYBERRY WITH MONSTERS (working title).

Let's do this!


Also, I finished up my Summer Reading series of posts on Friday. If you missed any of the authors, here's a comprehensive list:

Alexandra Christian, paranormal erotic romance
Zillah Anderson, young adult
Berengaria Brown, m/m romance
Selah Janel, horror and urban fantasy
Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks, paranormal erotic romance
Tyffani Clark Kemp, urban fantasy and paranormal romance
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Ah, yes, song lyrics. My favorite subject lines. :) That's what I get for listening to Florence and the Machine in the car.

Anyway, I love it when a story comes together, and right now, WHITE SPIRIT seems to be doing that. The flow is so much better. The dialogue is snappier. Tristan is hotter (if that's possible).

Let's review my #Writemotivation goals since it is the end of the month.

1) Start working on the third draft of WHITE SPIRIT.

Ah ha! I'm up to chapter two on the edits, and I feel fine.

2) Write or edit every day I don’t have to work.

I still miss a day here and there, but for the most part, I'm keeping up with this one.

3) Have the first third done.

Did not happen this month, and that's okay. Like I said, I'm up to chapter two in the revision, but I'm hoping I can finish off chapter three before the end of the week. Maybe. Since tomorrow is the end of the month and the week.

In other news, I've been keeping up with So You Think You Can Dance through less than legal means. I would have no problem watching legally, Fox, if you had a way in which I could do that.

I'm loving the auditions and have seen a few people I can cheer for. Yay! What do you think so far?

I also saw an ad for The Listener. I'm probably the only person who remembers this show, but I watched the first season when it aired in the US. Loved it with all of my heart. And then NBC took it away from me. But apparently, it's still on in Canada. I have to find a way to see those episodes. I have to.

Yes, I still have a Star Trek post to make. I promise to make it next week. Until then, on with the story.
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Thank you, Gotye, for getting that song stuck in my head. It's from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Still haven't seen the movie yet, but I love the music.

Okay, onto the #WriteMotivation goals.

1) Start working on the third draft of WHITE SPIRIT.

I started it! I did, I did. I nailed down Tristan's back story, and I started working on chapter one. I'm going slow so I can think about each word I use. I need to make it better, smoother.

2) Write or edit every day I don’t have to work.

Now that I've settled into my new schedule, I can make this happen.

3) Have the first third done.

Since I've just started, we'll have to see.


Okay, later on this week, I have another Summer Reading post plus some thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness and ST: Enterprise. But for now, I think I should share my earworm. I'm warning you, it's catchy.

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It's Tuesday, and it's time to see how my #writemotivation goals are going. I haven't made much progress yet, but I have started.

1) Start working on the third draft of WHITE SPIRIT.

Before I can actually begin, I have to delve deeper into Tristan's backstory. It's the reason he moved from Wilmington to Asheville, and right now, it's not very good or motivational. In the last two drafts, I did a lot of handwaving. I kept hoping it would reveal itself. But apparently, backstories don't appear out of thin air. They don't do it with me in any case.

I have a vague idea, but I need to flesh it out. Then I can sprinkle details throughout the story. So, I'll be hashing it out today.

2) Write or edit every day I don’t have to work.

I started doing this last week. I did miss one day, but I'm back on track this week. When my work schedule changes on the 20th, I should have more time.

3) Have the first third done.

Hasn't happened yet. :)

Okay, back to the drawing board...
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Here it is...my official declaration post!

For the whole month of May, I'll be participating in #WriteMotivation. It's a Twitter/Blog thing where writers encourage each other to complete their goals. I'm feeling motivated already.

Anyway, my goals for this month are:

1) Start working on the third draft of WHITE SPIRIT.
2) Write or edit every day I don’t have to work.
3) Have the first third done.

Cheer me on either here or on Twitter (I'm @amyrav). I'm kind of excited by all of this.


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